Safeguard de la Propriété Intellectuelle


The term “Proprite intellectuelle” covers industrial, literary, and artistic works, and features both initial and derivative works. It allows the creator of the work to monetize it. The laws and regulations protect this kind of works through intellectual residence rights (PITs) such as art logos, patents, and designs. Here are some of the prevalent intellectual property or home rights:

The term “PIT” is short for “Protection of Intellectual Asset. ” This designates the exclusive privileges of an auteur to an advent, literary job, or artistic creation. The purpose of exclusive intellectual property or home is to guard and valorize these items. This perceptive property is protected by a depot run by the INPI. It can also be covered through intermediary rights on the auteur. In addition , there reference are various laws that help preserve intellectual property.

In Italy, for example , HOLE protects works that have been manufactured and written and published for the first time. These works must be posted and demonstrate a distinctive figure. This protection is short-term, lasting up to 25 years, and extend towards the use of the creation by another. Protection of Starts also addresses architectural job, though designers do not need a lager. The work will need to have a distinctive character. This article in short , explains the various forms and methods of intellectual property coverage.

PITs consist of literary, artistic, and commercial properties. The word is used to define the legal protections against thievery and unlawful exploitation of such real estate. Stallman, however , has challenged this method, describing it mainly because an “idea-mirage. ”

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